Graded S-Log3 Samples from Sony’s FS7 from Chris Bishop. HD Visuals on Vimeo.

I spent a beautiful lazy day filming with my Sony FS7 just for the pleasure of it, and to see how cinematic this camera can be. Using S-Log3 and grading with finely tuned LUT’s, which didn’t take long, here’s the result – well a little bit of the footage.
I love the fact you’re in full control of the ‘look’ when filming in S-Log3 … and I prefer it to Canon Log in many ways.
I also LOVE the FS7 … it takes a while to get used to doing things differently to say, Canon’s XF & ‘C’ range of cameras, but its all logical in the end – the custom menu is a dream too!

None of this is from 4k, its all 1080p … 4k blows your mind – demo soon!