I’ve been designing my own Custom Profiles for the Canon XF305 with the main objective of attaining a great selection of ready to use ‘looks’ when time just doesn’t allow for in-post grading.

This test shows Filmic 2, 3 and 4 These are my favourites from this collection of trail & error efforts.
I think the colours are nicely balanced with a richness that’s pleasing to the eye with decent blacks.
Filmed on a chilly day last week (April 2013)
I have a ‘Cine’ collection in the making, and I will add these here soon.

I’ve also been working on a 5Dmk3 and 7D look since I also own these cameras too. I would like to edit convincingly with them, and I’m also fine tuning a C300 look since the XF305 and C300 share a lot in common in regards to CP’s and settings – more on that later.