Early days using the custom profile setting CINE ‘F’ I found just a tiny amount grading was required to bring about a rather nice balance. The CINE ‘F’ setting is almost flat with a washed out look which I was put off using whilst filming, but back in the studio just a tiny tweak gave this pleasing look. Of course other looks can also be easily created, this was just my choice.
Update: since having the chance to use the Canon C300 in a couple of recent commissions (which has the exact same operating system as the XF305) I now believe it or not, have a much better understanding of the XF305s, and it is possible to balance the CP’s to match really well. I now wish to own a C300 and the XF305 will make a perfect ‘B’ camera along with my high end Canon DSLR’s.
Info: Subject Exmoor Pony’s CP mode CINE F
Graded in FCPX
Filmed by Chris Bishop
Music Kashi Kollective
These are a few clips from a forthcoming Kashi Kollective film.