Hello, my name is Chris Bishop. I’m known throughout the internet for my music production skills as well as making sounds and music for media application … that’s my job!
I fell in love with film making many years ago, and the advent of Pro HD video is a really exciting one as the expense of film can be put to one side as Pro HD cameras with large sensors offer near film like resolutions with amazing DoF control.
I’m not new to photography, Videography / Cinematography, I’ve won various awards in the past including the `Gold` standard for photo excellence awarded by Kodak. My first movie camera was a 16mm Agfa.
Film was so expensive back in the late 70’s early 80’s that most of my first efforts were time lapsed shots which I would add music too.
HD has brought back picture quality to independent creative film makers – things have become a lot more interesting as a result.

Regardless though, whatever equipment you own, creative output is down to the user.
Over the coming months I will share many of my ideas – these will include various commissions with many of the talented musicians I know within the Ambient/New Age genre, and coming soon a drama style documentary.
Thank you for visiting!

UPDATE: I’m also signed to the LandscapeHD Channel currently broadcasting on Sky TV from 6am until midday everyday on satellite in the UK

Chris Bishop