I’ve been known throughout the internet for many years as a media music producer, many not knowing that I’ve also been a photographer/film maker for longer, but my musical connections, and the wonderful supportive `talented` friends I’ve made over the years has thankfully opened that door of opportunity for me, allowing me to combine my love for both creative arts, albeit from a rather different perspective to my previous `Project Overseer Production` days (though that name is still on much of my work)

Recently I’ve had the pleasure and honour of working with (on various projects, including the LandscapeHD Channel on Sky TV) Jeff Oster, Jeff Pearce, The Wimshurst’s Machine, Heidi Breyer, Carol R. Johnson Associates, The LandscapeHD Channel, ActiveMinded,  and many private commissions. (See my `Links` page for direct page links to the above Artists & companies.