• Creative Composition for Filming
    By just applying some basic photography composition techniques your films can leap from the ordinary to simply outstanding!
  • Understanding Light – Create that Movie Look
    Discover a whole new world of filming possibilities by actually understanding the main types of light and their impact on your Videography.
  • Apertures & Filming Speeds
    If this has slowed you down in the past, worry no more. Chris walks you through these core controls of your camera, replacing any confusion you may have with an enthusiasm to get out there and begin experimenting in manual mode!
  • How Film Cameras Work
    Cameras, no matter how much they cost all work in roughly the same way. The great news is you really don’t have to spend more on your equipment to achieve better Videography. By understanding the simple mechanics of how cameras work will help you realise how similar they all are and how you can get the best out of yours.
  • Landscape Videography
    Probably the most popular type of filming theme, but what actually contributes to the perfect landscape film? Chris reveals all!
  • Capturing Movement
    Keep the action alive in your films, it’s not always about freezing the action. Applying some simple settings with a few professional Videography tips will make all the difference.
  • Optics, Lenses & Focus
    Have you ever stopped to think about how your camera’s lens affects your films? Discover how different lenses change the angle of view and how the resulting perspective can absolutely transform your filming results.
  • Depth of Field
    If the photography text books have confused this for you in the past then prepare to get excited. Chris’ clear teaching makes depth of field completely understandable, demonstrating the crucial link between apertures and shutter/filming speeds. This fundamental knowledge will get you exploring your creativity every time you make a film.
  • Using Your Camera in Manual
    it’s just like learning anything really! When you put all the building blocks together and with some practice, your Videography will blossom and your skills as a videographer will quickly move onwards and upwards to the next level. Learn to ride that bike without the stabilisers!
  • HD and Resolution
    It actually isn’t that complicated. As you become more in tune with using your camera in manual mode, a basic understanding of HD and Videography resolution will aid your understanding of capturing the best results in any given situation.