Every time I venture out with my camera I cannot help but be struck with natures awe … even the simple things we walk past many times have a beauty if we just stop and look.

The footage for this film was taken over a period of an hour or so near where I live, again I’m using the JVC GZ-HD7 in manual mode and for the first time I’m trying out one or two shots with an ultra wide angle lens attachment outside its range to create a kind of dreamy quality, and I’m also working in tele macro mode on many shots too.

The more I work with this camera the more I realise the key is `creative control` and you can only do this in manual mode.

Music by my good friend Tony Cummings aka ActiveMinded – thanks bro! projectoverseer.biz/members/265/

I will soon own the Sony EX1 … hopefully HD at its best!