Over the years I’ve built up a rather large collection of cameras, (still & film making)    but recent developments in high definition visual technology, has, for the first time brought cinematic quality to digital video recordings. Large censors offering 35mm perspective and very high resolutions topped with detachable lenses of `prime` quality, are becoming common place.

Obviously, quality comes at a price, and the very best kit will still cost, but not totally out of reach. Most of my gear is of Canon, Sony & JVC origin. Future wants include the Sony F3 or possibly a RED ONE. With cameras now offering 3k – 5k resolutions per frame, the investment is worthwhile.

Its wonderful having high end equipment, but it would mean nothing if it wasn’t for the fact I learnt the basic essentials of photography. It taught me how to value `light`, how to use depth of field to good effect, how to take effective light readings, shutter effects, exposure control etc, etc.

Being creative is something you can’t really be taught. It’s very much an individual thing. I’ve met many photographers/film makers with amazing kit to die for, but their photos/films were no more than clear dismal efforts – as I’ve said before, you’ve got to turn off `Auto` to be really creative, but sadly, with very high tech auto everything cameras on the market, many photographers are lost if they switch to manual, as total control of all features is pointless if you don’t know how to use them. Even lenses should be manually focused, because how on earth does a camera know what you want to focus on exactly – macro work is one good example of this, where depth of field within the focal range is extremely limited.