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News general Aug 2013

HD-Visuals has been involved with a commercial film project promoting the use of our outside space i.e. our Gardens. Technically referred too as a ‘LifeStyle’ shoot. It was great working with a ream of true professionals. 


News Update July 2013

An exciting Documentary named The Sacred Binary Code is in the making. This film seriously looks outside the box as it explains how all of creation i.e. from the beginning of time, the universe, our planet, human evolution etc. can be looked at as a string on binary events that suggests intellect and planning on a scale we can barely comprehend, and on a time scale near impossible to imagine. Updates as things progress. 

News Update June 2013 

HD-Visuals has once again been working with Jason Knott as we progress on the film drama ‘Desolate Dawn’. Unlike the trailer this is being filmed to cinematic standards. 

Latest News Feb 2013

HD-Visuals is greatly looking forward to working with Jason Knott, the entrepreneur who is very well known for his fashion & corporate photography. Jason is venturing into the world of TV advertising with exciting, dynamic, cinematic visual creations.  Updates to follow soon.

Other News: New project in the early stages of development as HD Visuals helps to develop exciting `World` visuals for well known musician, Terry Oldfield. Terry is creating two new albums this year adding to his already outstanding portfolio of superb new age & spiritual world music.


Latest News Dec 2012

HD Visuals has been very busy of late; most that follow our creative films will be familiar with the light classical/new age commissions we’re becoming associated with – a genre we love working with, but you’ll note a change as we take on different projects.

BMI Records and Tim Turners `Wonder` being one example being featured online.

The success of this has encouraged new commissions in this direction – which we’re very happy to take on.

Other news: Discovery Science Channel have taken an interest in a concept developed over many years named; The Sacred Binary Code …

So, what is `The Sacred Binary Code`?

Basically its looking at creation i.e. from the beginning of time, the universe and its evolutionary development, our planet’ evolution, and everything living within it – including us can be seen as a string of binary events that suggests planning and intellect on a scale barely comprehendible. The fact that we now all live in a Binary (digital) world is very much part of this long developing process.

So, what is it then, what makes The Sacred Binary Code different?

Stay tuned folks as a teaser trailer is being created.

More news; Australian producer David Pendragon’s `Avalanche` documentary is in the can now – HD Visuals filmed the Steve Gilmore interview for this film – Steve Gilmore is a well-known online music critic, and Avalanche is an American Rock Band making a serious comeback after 30 years of absence

HD Visuals was honoured to make this contribution as the band is truly awesome!

An update to this news Blog will follow soon.

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